SAFE, SECURED, AND HANDY STORAGE! No more frail containers, we have designed the perfect plastic slime containers to fulfill all slime makers’ needs! Our slime containers have smooth nonstick sides made from PET, popularly used for packaging foods, beverages, and personal care products. These are more reliable than cheap plastic containers that would only create a mess and kids filling up all your Tupperware with slime. They are FDA approved food grade and totally safe for kids. SLIME MAKERS LOVE OUR CONTAINERSKEEPS EVERYTHING FRESHER – An airtight foam seal lid, 8 ounce capacity, NON-STICK sides, easy open screw top, great small size, No BPA and Phthalate plastic. Great quality is built into every part of our storage jars! Whether you’re storing slime or food, our storage jars will keep it FRESH.NO MORE MESSY CLEAN UPS – The walls and lids of our pots are a smooth plastic with no indentations to keep the contents of the pots from getting stuck.NOT JUST FOR SLIME, STORE FOOD TOO – You can store anything in these great little plastic containers. Small enough to store anywhere. They are safe for meal prep, deli, snacks and slime alike. Just don’t mix them up.6 CONTAINERS – Each set containers 6 clear 8 ounce containers and 6 lids (slime not included) ready for use right away. Perfect for any slime maker or food prep master.

My Perfect Slime CONTAINERS! No-Crack plastic! I LOVE These Jars